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Face to Face Teaching

lesson options

Individual 1 Hour Lesson - $99 Per session

One on One coaching for one hour on any area of the game.

Modules of Learning - $880 for 10 sessions or $88 per session

Select an area of the game you are struggling with from Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers, or Full Swing and have 10 lessons on that area. The modules include Technique Development, Distance and Accuracy control to a target and On Course Scoring in that area.

6 or 12 Month Program

6 Month Program is 26 sessions costing $1995 or 21 payments of $99

12 Month Program, 52 sessions costing $3850 or 40 payments of $99

Start with an assessment of your game, after which I will draw up an Improvement Program dealing with Technique Development, Distance or Accuracy Control and On Course Scoring. We will start with the areas of the game that are impacting your score the most.

Thinking better on the course program - $40 per session

Over the last 12 months I have been putting together a program to educate players on how to think better on the golf course. This program is complete and I will be conducting the sessions very soon.
Golf Professionals and Amateur golfers think completely differently on the course.
Golf Professionals are better prepared for the challenges of playing and as such play and score better as a result. I would like to educate you on how to Golf Professionals think and play better.
The sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Explanation of what the zone mentality is and how it is achieved,
  • Goal setting, the 3 types of goals and how to set each type,
  • Laws of Nature and how they apply to Golf and thinking better,
  • Technique checkpoints
  • Pre and post shot routines
  • Attention and understanding how to adjust your attention from broad to narrow
  • Visualisation and imagery for swings and holes
  • Motivation and how to get the most out of practice and playing
  • Self Confidence and the Law of Belief